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Buying your very own Northern Arizona home or property? You’re in the right place. Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Grand View North has helped hundreds of clients find their dream home or land in Northern Arizona. With the right technology tools and our expertise of the local market, you’ll find the home or property that fits your needs, lifestyle, and your budget in no time. For more information about the available listings in your desired Northern Arizona community, get in touch with us today.

Buying a home in Northern Arizona can either be a seamless transaction or the most complicated process in your life. To ensure a smooth sale, here are several tips that will help you purchase your dream home.

  1. Be emotionally and financially ready to buy a home.

    Buying a home entails a lot of responsibility, and marks a new beginning in your life. Months before you start looking for your home, it’s important to determine whether you’re emotionally and financially capable to invest in residential real estate. Here are a couple of questions you might want to ask yourself in order to determine if you are ready:

    Why do I want to buy a home? Are you starting a family? Do you want to establish roots in your desired neighborhood? Understanding your priorities will answer whether it’s the right time for you to buy a home.

    Am I financially capable? Homes don’t come cheap– most homes require financing. You’ll need to qualify and get approved for a mortgage, and in order to do so, you’ll need to meet credit requirements. Good credit history and savings are important to homeownership.

    What kind of house can I afford? The road to homeownership ends when you’ve closed the deal, but your responsibilities will go on. Homeownership is riddled with other expenses, such as association dues, property taxes, maintenance costs, and monthly amortization. Look past the sales price and think of homeownership costs when you look for a home.

  2. Work with a Realtor®.

    Home buying involves a lot of paperwork, inspections, and negotiations. It only makes sense to work with a trusted and experienced real estate professional, specifically one with extensive knowledge about the community and the local real estate market.

  3. Get pre-approved for a mortgage.

    Pre-qualification for a mortgage is good, but obtaining a mortgage pre-approval is better. Before you look for a home, get pre-approved. This will also help you narrow down your search, as your purchase will be dependent on how much you can borrow from your chosen lender.

  4. Shop for a home.

    It’s time to tour around neighborhoods you like for the home that suits your needs. When looking at homes, keep your priorities and your budget in mind. This will help you narrow down your search. Don’t be afraid to talk to your Realtor® so he or she can help you with your home search.

    Once you find the home that fits your priorities, it’s time to make an offer. Look beyond the asking price when placing an offer, as offers usually include the price and terms (inspection, appraisal, repairs, etc.) Be clear about the terms, as it can cost you additional money.

  5. Go to closing.

    Once all terms are settled and both parties are satisfied, proceed to the closing process. Make sure to have personal copies of all the required paperwork and all requirements are met. The closing process is usually attended by the buyer, the seller, and an escrow agent, who is a neutral third party in the transaction.

For more information about home buying in Northern Arizona, get in touch with us at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Grand View North today at 928-526-7777 or