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Volunteer for the Kīlauea Disaster

Impact of K?lauea - Setting the Scene I had the opportunity to spend three full days as a volunteer in the Puna District, located in the East Rift Zone of K?lauea. This area was impacted by K?lauea's massive lava flow. It was humbling to see h...

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What an Interior Designer Can Do For You

What’s the Difference between Interior Designer and Interior Decorator? Many use the terms “Interior Designer” and “Interior Decorator” as if they were the same, but there is a difference.  Here is a brief overview of what an Interi...

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What’s the deal with getting pre-qualified?

So... If you’re just starting the home buying process or even thinking about it, you’ve probably heard the term pre-qualified. “Ugh, another thing I have to do.” Trust us, it’s worth it. "What does getting Pre-qualified mean?" Gett...

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